10 Tips on how to create an immersing showreel

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Posted on October 11 2018

10 Tips on how to create an immersing showreel


10 Tips on how to create an immersing showreel, future customers will love:

You are planning on building a new demo reel to boost job proposals or your career? Make sure to get it done the right way. Read the following tips to achieve the best results possible and to avoid little mistakes that cause a big difference for your audience! This is our showreel from last year:

1. Choose a reel type: Most commonly used are the following types. There is the collage type reel, which works best for commercials, spots or short form works. The collage reel consists of a collage of quick shots, often cut to upbeat music. A collage reel gives off a lively, modern vibe. On the other side of the spectrum there is the sample type reel. This sort of reel shows several short scenes (10-20 sec.) within some context. Sample reels are used to promote narrative and journalism based content like documentaries and interviews. Always choose the reel type which matches your needs.

2. Timing Time is money, so don't waste the time of your audience. Keep your reel simple and on point so your future customer watches the whole thing and at best will like to see more of your work. A good demo reel should only need about 60 to 90 seconds to show off your skill and personal style.

3. Content and Theme Provide your showreel with themes, especially if your have multiple qualifications. People responsible for hiring staff or choosing an agency will search for a certain skills or styles. They will search with key words like Director of Photography, DoP, Editor, Animator, Cutter and so on. So make sure to present specific skills in chapters and label them with a text insert. This way you can present all your assets more focused.

4. Highlight big fishes You have already worked with big names in the biz or important well known corporations? Great, let everybody know and use their reputation to your advantage. The best way to do this is to show pictures with their label on it or you can put a subtitle with the project name over the reel footage.

5. Subtitles While we are at it. Subtitles are not only good for pointing out clients but work as well for explaining your exact involvement for a certain scene. So for example if you did the light or make-up or if you are an animator, show your role with a subtitle, preferably in the corner or the lower third of the frame. You can also use some cool text animation templates.

6. Technical abilities, Software and Tools Use your showreel to promote the magic you work with Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and the like. Impress your audience with before and after shots of your work. This is best achieved with using split screens or footage of several stages of the work progress. This works awesome with a ungraded and graded picture in a splitscreen.

7. Use specific effects and overlays Need some inspiration? Have a look on our Video Assets at vamify. Save your time and use these unique transitions and overlay effects for your next showreel!

8. Music After all the work you just want to finish the show reel? Fair enough, but don't get tempted to put some generic music under your project. Take time to find a fitting piece and make sure you cut the scenes to the beat. This will make your reel energetic and fresh and shows love to the detail as to be expected of a professional. For beginners Artlist.io is working well.

9. Get a second opinion Almost done and ready to shine? But wait, before you post your new project or show it to a potential customer, show it to your work acquaintances first! Use their critique and feedback to improve your work even more and erase little mistakes or obscurities. A fresh view never hurts and after hours of work one sometimes tend to overlook little typos or repetitive footage.

10. Contact information Last but not least, don't forget to put your name, email and website information at the end of your reel. You've put so much afford into it, take the credit and make sure people know your name. Make the last seconds count!

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