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Freebie: Not all projects are handsomely paid, in fact often budgets are quite humble. Luckily, it does not always take heaps of money, to make a big difference. Sometimes, little effects can have a huge impact on the look of Your video. Check out our Free Sample Pack for your next video production! In addition You will get a good look on how our assets function and put them to work. All You need to do is sign up via Messenger.

This will also provide You with monthly news, lates Products, Freebies and mail-list-exclusive Discounts. If you sign in now, you will get to choose one of our freebies: Try out our 16-mm-grain. It enriches Your picture with more body and texture, to make it look like you shot on actual 16-mm-film. We used genuine footage of a 16 mm camera and translated it 1:1 so you can use it as an easy and cheap overlay. Another example is our 8 mm Film graphics, which are great to use for, you guessed it, - graphic work. So, stay updated and receive your Freebies and Discounts. Best, Felix