6 Noticeable Podcasts about Filmmaking:

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Posted on October 11 2018

6 Noticeable Podcasts about Filmmaking


6 Noticeable Podcasts about Filmmaking:

Would you like to find all the important news of the film biz but you are always on set or in your car on the way to and fro set? Maybe your eyes hurt from looking into the viewfinder of your camera all day long, so reading film magazines or blogs is out of the question? Or maybe you are simply super tired but you have trouble falling asleep? Try listening to Podcasts! Podcast are an extremely convenient way of doing two things at the same time. I myself love listening to podcast while I repair, reorganize or tidy up my equipment. Listening to podcast makes dull activities enjoyable and informative. Convinced of giving Podcasts a try but overwhelmed by the sheer mass of film related podcasts out there? Fear not, let me introduce you to some of my favorites today:

filmmakers drinking bourbon vamify

1. Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon:
Yes, you got that right. Meet the filmmakers Alex Elkins and Brandon Faris, who like tasting different bourbons and know a lot about equipment. Pour one for yourself and enjoy a night with likeminded spirits. Its basically spirits with spirits! But seriously, if you dig great insights into the film business, interviews with directors, authors and producers as well as solid bourbon recommendations - this is your jam! Website: http://www.fdbpodcast.com/

Go creative show vamify

2. Go Creative Show:
Listen to Ben Consoli's soothing voice while he interviews DPs from amazing shows like “Westworld”, “Breaking Bad” or the movie “A Quiet Place”. Become engrossed into the mixture of entertaining 'behind the scenes talk' and interesting facts given by DP's, authors and all the other important people of film production!
Website: http://gocreativeshow.com/

Shane hurlbut vamify
3. Shane's Inner Circle
Hosted by DP Shane Hurlbut and his wife Lydia, “Shane's Inner Circle” gives great advice as well as tips and tricks about everything filmmaking related. Be it lighting techniques, filters, camera equipment and the like. It is a new podcast, which started in May 2018, but they already issued 7 episodes. Episodes are about 40 minutes, really educational and easy to follow along. This podcast is something for film students and people interested in learning the ropes of filmmaking.
Website: https://ic.hurlbutvisuals.com/
art vs commerce vamify
4. Art vs. Commerce:
Hosted by Jared Levy, the Art vs. Commerce provides you the experience of a typical conversation of him as a cinematographer with all sorts of professionals of the creative industry. Lean back and listen to other creative people deep talking about their perspective and experiences in filmmaking. Sadly there are no new episodes since autumn 2017, but still you may listen to 40 episodes packed with interesting conversations! Website: http://www.avcpod.com/
super secret filmblog vamify
5. Super Secret Filmcast:
“The Super Secret Filmcast” is a podcast about commercial filmmaking hosted by Evan Bourcier. While interviewing various guest he likes to talk about all aspects of the film business. His newest episode is about clients backing out. Enjoy the discussion of relatable issues we all stumble upon while doing film!
Website: http://www.supersecretfilmblog.com/podcast/
the wandering dp podcast
6. The wandering DP Podcast:
This podcast sounds just like a Radio show. The team of “The Wandering DP Podcast” discusses the latest stories on and and off set with successful cinematographers and give you all the news and updates as well as inspiration concerning the filmmaking business. Its basically a radio show about your favorite subject where you get to choose from over 130 episodes!
Website: http://wanderingdp.com/category/podcast/
Bonus Podcast
Storm of spoilers vamify

Storm of Spoilers:
You like to hear delightful film critiques of tree people who love to binge on all sorts of series and movies? Meet Dave Gonzales, Neil Miller and Joanna Robinson who are the right guides for you to discover the next big Netflix original or rekindle your long forgotten love for movies like Tremors! They have a relaxed way of 'one upping' each other, do witty banter but are quick to confess gaps in their film related education if needed. Listen to them discuss their favourite Spielberg movie or how Joanna suffered through the newest Jurassic World movie. Storm of Spoilers is an offshoot of their Podcasts about Game of Thrones (A Cast of Kings) and their Podcast about Westworld (Decoding Westworld). If you like to get deep insights of those shows, be sure to look them up!


You should be able to find all the recommended shows at one or more of the following Podcatchers:
Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
Google Play

Feel free to tell us about your favourite filmrelated podcast in the comments below. We love to listen to new stuff

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