8mm Film Overlays

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The Original 8mm Film Overlay Pack for Videocreators. Create a Vintage Film Look

*Compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid and more

*Real KODAK 8MM Film Overlays

*18 Real Film Overlays

*7 Real 8mm Film Transitions

*[NEW UPGRADE] 10 Ektachrome KODAK Film Overlays

*20 Cool 8mm Soundeffects

*11 Graphic Overlays

*From Filmmakers for Filmmakers

*Tutorial for Adobe Premiere + FCPX is included

How it works:

The way we did it:

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Felix / Founder Vamify:

Nothing evokes the “good old times”-feeling like the 8mm-look!
This might be the reason why the 8mm effect is so sought after these days. I have seen it being used in series like “This is Us”, Rap Videos and many Commercials.

Here is how we created the iconic Super 8 Look.
First we needed to get our hands on a working original Bauer Super 8 Cam and some film. (God bless the internet!). Thereafter took some time to learn how to operate the new cam. Living in Germany, we are very fortunate that there is still one company, that actually develops Kodak film. After 4 long weeks of waiting for the results, not knowing how the film turned out, we finally received our developed and digitised film material via mail. Our tape turned out pretty solid. For the 8mm film overlays, we captured inside and outside shots and experimented with different backgrounds and lightening.

As a Bonus we added Ektachrome-Film to the bundle. This effect is one of a kind on the overlay-market. On top, we added self-recorded and authentic Super 8 Camera Sound Effects for You.

We invested good money, and a lot of time (not counting our working-hours) and our filmmakers-passion in the making of the 8mm film overlay bundle. Our bestselling pack offers You the opportunity to create special and enjoyable retro-looking footage, while simultaneously saving You from spending your hard earned money, time and nerves on real super 8 gear. (Better use all of that on your next documentary, music video or trailer!)


Resolution: 4K (3840×2160)

Filetype: mp4

Download-Size: 1 GB

Last Update: 11.02.2019
Created: 11.02.2019


We offer you a multi use licence. This entails unlimited usage for both free and paid end products.

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