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16 mm Film Overlays


Best 16mm Film Overlay Pack on the market

*Compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Avid and more

*Real KODAK 16MM Film Overlays

*20 Real Film Overlays

*17 Real 8mm Film Transitions

*10 16mm Soundeffects

*25 Graphic Overlays

*From Filmmakers for Filmmakers

*Tutorial for Adobe Premiere + FCPX is included

How it works:

The way we did it:

 Examples from our Pack:






Felix / Founder Vamify

Ever wished your projects would have the raw and unrefined feeling of real 16mm Film?
Same here!
But working with real 16mm Filmstock ist costly - the results may vary and all in all the whole filming and evolving process ist exceedingly time and nerve consuming!
(To put it bluntly, a big pain in the ass!)
But here's the deal: I already went through all the hassle of shooting on real 16mm to create a whole bunch of natural and amazingly realistic 16mm Overlay Effects for you to play with.
The Filmlook has a big comeback and I wanted to give you all the chance of pushing your projects and match this retro trend. (But at a fraction of the production cost and time!) Use our 16mm Overlays, to give your digital footage the feel of the craft of analog film, while adding the spice of grain and texture to your videos.

This is how I created Vamifys new Pack:
First I had to find a place, that still sold 16mm Filmstock. Then I went to my trusted film equipment rental store and got the ARRI 416 with Zeiss Super16mm lenses, as well as several mags and other stuff like light meters. For shooting I used Kodaks Vision3 film. I had lots of fun, while working with this set-up. Even though it was time consuming and quite costly, it sure was worth making this filming experience. A big problem for me (as I live and work in Germany), was the whole process of acquiring the Filmstock, getting it developed and scanned. Since all the material had to be transferred back and forth between Frankfurt and the Kodak Studios, London. You see, especially Europeans will need lots of time and patience, when working with real 16mm.

This is why I regarded the creation of my 16mm Footage as an investment in my future work schedule. Vamify is now able to offer the popular Filmlook at a lower production price. There is no risk of losing footage in the mail and on top it enables me to operate more efficient!
The Pack will safe money, that I can now spend on other assets or for other projects!

I admire the work with actual film by Creatives in the Music- and Filmindustry. Achieving that look was my main inspiration and goal. The material was shot with 3 different Filmstocks. As a Bonus I added some interesting and authentic sounds from recording with the ARRI 416 Camera. The 16mm Overlays Pack is built to enrich digital footage with the beautiful little flaws and the structure of real film.

Create the sophisticated, Million-Dollar-Budget-Filmlook you always wanted! Jump right to the fun part of enhancing your footage, save your time and money! 
Impress your audience and let your creativity flow!


Resolution: 4K (3840×2160)

Filetype: ProRes 422

Download-Size: 20 GB

Last Update: 01.11.2019
Created: 01.11.2019


Vanify offers you a multi use licence. This entails unlimited usage for both free and paid end products.

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