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Posted on March 12 2019

power of commercials


The Power of Commercials:

Our love for the Series “Mad Men” has a long history. Not only because it stars great actors and has an engrossing plot, but for the astonishing reenactment of the  60s to detail. To me, especially interesting is the enlightening behind the scenes view of the advertising industry and its beginnings. There a several times throughout the series, where you can observe how the main character “Donald Draper” and his team develop genius ideas and concepts, and how he is able to convince his clients to follow his advertising campaigns. Like the clients, Draper just aims for one thing - to SELL! His agency wants to sell its services and the client their products.

It is interesting to see, that the campaigns in the show are based on the the following aspects: Finding unique selling points, name-branding and successful storytelling. Sounds familiar? Well these are still the same aspects, which make todays advertisements work. Did you know, that the fictional advertisers of Mad Men where so good, that Heinz Ketchup actually used their campaign “Pass the Heinz” in 2017?

I think you can learn a lot from watching Mad Men. For example, that the advertising industry should mind its beginnings. Good campaigns need to get their focus back on selling the actual product, while being creative, unique and noteworthy. Creative and noteworthy commercials will stay in the minds of customers much longer. As a side effect a good campaign will set the product an its brand apart from their competitors. A good campaign aims to build the image of a brand. No business wants to be represented mediocrely.
So, to stay in the minds of the customers, a good commercial spot should follow these rules:
- It needs to arouse the interest of its target group.
- It should evoke emotions in its audience.
- And last but not least, the commercial needs to set itself apart from the competitors.
Be it through a surprising view of the world, or the product, a provocative statement or the like. And remember to work target group orientated! Unsurprisingly only few retirees are interested in energy drinks, so don't waste your time on them! But make a fun spot of elderly people's adventures high on energy drinks and people may remember your brand ;)

What are you waiting for? Start your binge-watch of Mad Men tonight. But don't forget your drink of choice and tons of cigarettes, if someone complains -  Call it research!

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