8 Camera Hacks in 90 Seconds presented by Peter McKinnon

Vamify Felix

Posted on December 12 2018



Check out these 8 amazing camera hacks presented by Peter McKinnon!



Vamify summarizes

1. No slider? No problem! Just build a slider out of a belt.

2. What should always be on a decent filmset? Right, a good cup of coffee! Try to recycle a coffee-hood for this bright blur-effect.

3. Or use a chapstick to create a more dreamy blur.

4. Cellophane also creates great effects on your lens.

5. This is a classic. Use shades as a filter/blend. Depending on the colour of your sunglasses this hack can achieve stunning sepia effects.

6. Are you brave enough to try the blade hack?

7+8. Use a flashlight or your cellphone light for instant lens flares.

Check out Peter McKinnon's Youtube-channel to find more interesting videos. Cheers!

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