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Ultimate Lensflare Pack 4K


The Ultimate Lens Flare Pack for Filmmakers.
*Compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and more
*80 Unique Lens & Crystal Flares
*From Filmmakers for Filmmakers
*Tutorial for Adobe Premiere & After Effects included

How it works


 20 Warm Crystal Lensflares

Crystal warm lensflares

 20 Cold Lensflares

Ultimate lensflares on Vamify

 20 Warm Lensflares

 20 Cold Crystal Lensflares

Crystal lensflares for filmmakers

"Check out our ultimate Lens-Flare-Pack, stacked with 80 unique and handmade lens-flares! We experimented in our studio with different lights and shot them in 4k with the Sony FS 7. In the end we created lots of effects suitable for any project. Lens-flares are still a big hype. You can find Lens-Flares all over big Hollywood productions and music videos. They improve a picture immensely and are able to make footage look more intriguing and high class. In my opinion Lens-Flares are a must-have for any filmmaker and should belong among the key assets. With Lens-Flares You can create stunning transitions for videos or improve travel videos, in making the sun pop. Any filmmaker can profit from them, as they are essential to filmmaking. With our handcrafted Lens-Flare-Pack you will receive 80 different flares divided in 3 main categories. There are Crystal-Flares, which offer great light refraction. The other section are Lens-Flares made with flashlights, which are divided in warm tones like yellow and red as well as cold light flares in purple and blue."

Felix / Founder Vamify


80 Unique Lens Flares

Resolution: 4K (3840×2160)

Filetype: mp4

Download-Size: 1,9 GB
The Ultimate Lensflare Pack is compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and more.
File Type: MP4
Filesize: 1,9 GB
Last Update: 01.07.2018
Created: 01.07.2018


We offer you a multi use licence. This entails unlimited usage for both free and paid end products.

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