+400 Seamless Transitions


The Original Transition Pack for Innovators.

+NOTE: Our Transition Pack will only Work on:
"ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC 2018 Version 12.1.2 and Higher"

+ 400 Transitions
+ YES! This is the Biggest Trend in 2019
+ Super Easy to use
+ Detailed Tutorial Included

Drag and Drop Transitions 

Over 400 dynamic Transitions (Example Effects:)

spineffect vamify




Smooth seamless Transitions for your videoprojects!

Different Effect Types:


Felix / Founder Vamify:

We love watching amazing travel videos made by passionate filmmakers from around the world. To us skillful transitions make a big difference to the quality of a video, because they enhance the viewer experience, while giving structure to the shots. Great transitions not only make videos stand out from the mass, but also give them an artful note. But people often wonder, how to achieve those kinds of lit transitions. Will you need advanced after effects skills, to create similar effects? Is it really that complex? Well, after much trial and error and lots of work, we can gladly relieve you from hours of annoying and frustrating After Effects-Sessions! Our goal is to enable everyone to make the best out of their videos. But with a quick, efficient and easy workflow! Therefore we managed to create beautiful transitions, that are easily applied by drag and drop. A workflow which suits beginners as well as professionals. Choose from our large collection of over 400 different seamless transitions and several styles. Start now and enhance your next video with professional effects!


Download-Size: 500 MB

Last Update: 04.07.2019

Created: 04.07.2019


We offer you a multi use licence. This entails unlimited usage for both free and paid end products.

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