Film school or online filmmaking courses?

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Posted on July 22 2019



Film school or online filmmaking courses?

Pro's and Con's of going to Film School and other ways to learn about filmmaking:

You are thinking about doing something with film? Read the following to find your ideal start into the realm of filmmaking.

Visiting Film school?
The first question you should ask yourself is, wether you prefer a classical education and want to apply for an approved Film school, or if you prefer to learn by work experience and/or the internet. There are several reasons for and against each option.

I. Applying to Film school might be a good choice for you, If:
You liked going to school and attend classes.
You are willing to study regularly for tests.
You are able to live with little to no income for the next years.
Your parents can support you and/or You are willing to take a student loan.

Film school is a great way for you to find out all you need to know about filmmaking and all aspects of film. My tip for you would be to build a strong network among your peers, which will always become handy for your future career.

Pros of Film school:
    well-rounded education
    time to learn, try out and explore different aspects of filmmaking

Cons of Film school:
    student loans
    living with little money
    taking exams
    structures may feel constricting
    no job guarantees

II. Working for a filming agency (Learning-by-doing-type), If:
You are a more the hands-on/ learning-by-doing-type.
You hated school.
You did not do good in exam-situations.
You cannot or are not willing to get a student loan and your parents cannot support you.You prefer or need to earn money right away.

Than working in the business will probably teach you all you need to know for filmmaking as well as handy soft skills. In addition you will have the chance, to build a tight network and to get to know all kinds of positions and jobs concerning the business. After a couple of years, you will have the knowledge on how to build your own agency and/or choose the position you like working in the most. On top of that, you will quickly learn to estimate budgeting and to communicate with clients, which is something Film school often does not provide to you. Over time, you amount lots of working practise and experience, which is always appreciated by clients or when you want to apply for another position. And last but not least, it is great to have a wide range of work-samples, if you want to start your own business.

III. Online education
For the last decade online education platforms have become a good alternative, if you cannot make it to university for whatever reason, or cannot get a job at a Film agency before you attained basic knowledge. There are different options to get education online. Wether it is paid or for free and state-approved, private or a mixture of all of the above.

Perhaps the best idea would be to look at some online offers, before you make the decision of going to a Film school, an agency or if you want to stick to online courses! This way, you can see if you are really interested in this field and how good your self-discipline is. To learn on your own speed has a lot of perks, but you really need to be able to stay focussed, even if nobody is checking on you.
Another downside of online education can be the lack of meeting your peers and therefore you will have a harder time building a network. But there are lots of forums and communities, so this need not be an issue for you.

Here is a short list of interesting online education providers:

In the end it all depends on your personality, finances and the way you learn best.

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